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Contact Us

877-800-8782 ext. 2
614-224-2291 (in central Ohio)
FAX: 844-229-1338

For individual staffers, use the extensions and e-mail below:

Editor James Witherite 3204 james.witherite@ustrotting.com
Copy Editor Paul Ramlow 3232 paul.ramlow@ustrotting.com
Art Director/Production Manager Gena Gallagher 3265 gena.gallagher@ustrotting.com
Photographer Mark Hall 3288 photo@ustrotting.com
Editorial Intern   3103 editorial@ustrotting.com

Writer’s Guidelines

So you want to write for the world’s most widely read harness racing magazine... One of the reasons that Hoof Beats is so popular among our readers is because we feature the best writers in racing. To be part of our team, we urge you to READ, READ, READ––Hoof Beats! Get to know our magazine and our style, our audience and our voice. Hoof Beats is about 70–percent freelance written, and we are always looking for new and exciting story ideas pertaining exclusively to Standardbreds and harness racing. Photographs are also encouraged.

When submitting to Hoof Beats, follow these guidelines:

  1. First–time freelance writers should submit a typed or e–mailed (preferred) query letter outlining the proposed story idea, also including writing samples. Manuscript submissions are accepted, but they must be typewritten, and will not be returned. Samples and manuscripts may also be submitted in e–mail form.

  2. To be considered, all articles must be typewritten or submitted in electronic format––as either a Text or Word document.

  3. All photos must come electronically at 300 dpi or higher, or in print or slide form. We will not accept loose negatives and cannot be responsible for lost images.

  4. Writers should be as familiar with harness racing as our readers are. We don’t need any general how–to stories. Topics of interest include unique horse stories, veterinary care, tips on equipment or feed innovations, historical perspectives, unique first-person perspectives, and stories on issues or trends.

  5. Payment is made upon publication and ranges from $100 (departments) to $500 (features). Photo fees are negotiated. We purchase first North American Rights and non-exclusive electronic rights.

  6. Submissions may be sent to Hoof Beats 6130 S. Sunbury Rd., Westerville, OH 43081-9309 [or e–mail hoofbeats@ustrotting.com ] and must include the author’s name, address and phone number.

  7. Familiarize yourself with Hoof Beats before querying. Sample copies of the magazine are available by contacting the Hoof Beats editor at the above address.

Questions regarding submissions may be made to (877)800.8782 ext. 2

Reader Submissions

Hoof Beats wants to hear from our readers! There are many ways that YOU can be a part of Hoof Beats. We have new, interactive features, and we need help from our readers for future articles. Features include:

Winners Circle: Everyone has a favorite horse–and most have not made the pages of Hoof Beats . Now is their chance! Readers are encouraged to submit articles of 500-600 words about an experience with their favorite horse. Hoof Beats editors will select the best for publication in the magazine. It should be a ‘‘True Tale’’ type story to which other horse lovers and racing fans can relate.

Photo Finish let’s us showcase our readers’ photography. If you have a unique or creative shot, send it to us, and your image may be featured on the back page of an upcoming issue.

Equine Clinic: Has your horse survived a unique or catastrophic ailment or injury? If so, we would welcome the chance to share his or her story in Hoof Beats. Simply contact us with the details, and selected stories will be featured.

The Shoeing News and Bays Anatomy will be question–and–answer columns pertaining to shoeing and veterinary issues, respectively. We encourage the submission of any questions on those two topics. Our Personality features enable us in every issue to profile horses and people from the four corners of our racing world. Contact us with information on any horses or horseman you feel have a story worth sharing.

Letters to the Editor

We welcome comments and feedback from our readers. If you’d like to send a letter to the editor you can do so by email ( hoofbeats@ustrotting.com ) or by sending a letter to:
Hoof Beats
6130 S. Sunbury Rd.
Westerville, OH 43081-9309